Frequently Asked Questions about Venetian Floral & Gift Shops

Common questions we've received about the Floral & Gift Shops here at the Venetian | Palazzo Las Vegas.

Where are the gift shops on property? 

There are several gift shops to choose from. Visit this page for more details:

  • Apothecary 
  • Gondola Shop @ Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Pool Shop
  • Venetian Gift Shop
  • Venezia Gift Shop

Where is the florist on property?

Our floral department does not operate a storefront. Instead, we've made our entire collection available to you through this website. 

What are my delivery options?

Floral products are available for delivery anywhere on the Venetian | Palazzo property, including your suite or meeting venue. For gift shop items, delivery options are available both on-property, as well as through standard shipping providers.